Resource consumption



EE ing
Efficient energy management is crucial, especially in a highly energy-intensive industry such as ours. Starting in 2021, we therefore decided to implement an Energy Management System internally in order to rationalize the consumption of energy carriers, promote the use of efficient technologies, and monitor energy performance so as to continuously improve it. The company has also equipped itself with an energy analysis tool to identify, evaluate, and make available on a regular basis: energy uses, energy indicators associated with the most significant users, energy use forecasts, appropriate facilities for proper energy management, and priorities for action to improve energy efficiency.


h2o ing
The use of water for industrial processes is carefully monitored, and through water recycling systems, a more efficient use of this very important and vital natural resource is always sought. About 90 percent of the water is taken from the company's well, the use of which is exclusively for production processes. The remaining 10 percent, on the other hand, is taken from the aqueduct and used for sanitary purposes. In addition, since 2016 the company has been equipped with a water recirculation system, which has enabled a significant reduction in consumption.

Natural gas

gas ing
Methane gas is the fuel that is used the most, particularly in the furnace, forming and detaching departments. Consumption of this resource is constantly accounted for and analyzed as it is for electricity.