FUTURA project


The FUTURA project is an initiative promoted by the Brescia Chamber of Commerce aimed at creating a network focused on sustainable economy. In 2022, Futura promoted the Brescia 2050 Sustainability Pact, which, with conviction, we decided to sign. It commits us to:

- quantify our emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants;

- define appropriate interventions and long-term strategies for de-carbonization and zero emissions, waste and consumption of natural resources;

- implement the interventions and measures in the previous point by making tangible changes and innovations in business operations;

- neutralize by 2050 any remaining emissions through additional, quantifiable, credible, permanent and socially responsible offsets.


Among other things, Futura organized an exhibition on the topic of sustainability held in Brescia last October. We participated successfully, presenting a booth focused on the circularity of our processes.