Fonderie Guido Glisenti S.p.A.


Enterprise culture, rationality, production capacity and business passion: these are the distinctive values of a company deeply rooted into Italian industrial history since 1859.

Fonderie Guido Glisenti S.p.A., led by Dalla Bona family, is currently devoted to the application of a successful labor method, a method that has allowed our Company to effectively face all the challenges of our modern era: from the wartime to the most recent recessions of the manufacturing sector of the first 80s and first 90s, up to the global crisis started in 2008 that had strong consequences till half of 2010. The production site of about 30,000 m² is located in Villa Carcina, Brescia that is one of the most historically well-known lands of great manufacture traditions, in particular in the metallurgical field.
The Company has a production capacity of about 30,000 tons of ductile iron, for a final fabrication of items from 0.3 to 75 Kg of weight. The application of these items comprehends automotive sector, industrial vehicles, earthmoving machines and agriculture sector.
Thanks to constant innovation, Fonderie Guido Glisenti has collected many national and international awards through the years and now not only is it established as certified supplier but it is also approved by leading European automotive constructors and producers of industrial vehicles, earthmoving machines and agriculture machines.
Spirit of association has always distinguished company policy and, actually, Glisenti entrepreneur leaders have always been bound to Confindustria both on local and national level: our Company has been associated to Confindustria for more than a century and it is one of the founding partners of Assofond.